Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Quick Recap

Hi everybody...how's it going!?

Just a quick post today. Things have been pretty chaotic. I've been to a couple of homeowner workshops and did a phone call to a mortgage broker and all that did was make me really depressed. The housing market in the Bay Area is insane. Rentals are at an all time high and houses cost a pretty penny. I would be limited to mostly condos which means expensive HOA's that kind of put me out of the housing market so my saving grace would be to find some sort of cottage. We'll see what happens. I'm going to sign a year lease on my current apartment (which I love!) and hope that something exciting happens whether it be on the job, dating or housing front. 

But for the moment, I am taking a break from dating. I'm not meeting anyone who give me butterflies or that excitement looking forward to the next date. I've also been dealing with ex drama. One who blabbed my business to a mutual group of friends and I have been struggling to recover my social life ever since and to boot, he is now dating someone I also know and he expects me to just co-mingle with them to events we may all mutually be at. I am sorry...I don't think so! I have been so livid. And then he dares to tell me that I am being paranoid that people have been talking behind my back when I know for a fact that they were. Perhaps they aren't any longer but my suspicions that they were were confirmed and made me all the angrier. He may have a Masters' in Psychology and think he's uber smart but I am sorry, I have a Masters of Life Experience and I know more about what is what and what is going on.

As for stitching, it's been slow going. I've only been focusing on Mary Wigham. I am currently on Part 6 although Part 5 is incomplete since I have not stitched the name over one. I think that I will wait until the very end for that bit. 

Since the last update, I have stitched the dusty rose motif, the white one to the right of that, the dark brown flowery one and the black one of the far right. I am working on another white one. I may put this aside for a while because with everything going on, I feel like working on something whimsical when I have the rare time to craft. Lilac may be making an appearance soon. 

And my TUSAL jar...still skimpy on the orts. Here it is with my Giggles figurine. 

Sorry I have been so busy that I am about 600 posts behind in my feeder. I hope that everyone is doing well and I can't wait to catch up and see what everyone is up to!

Until next time...