Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesdays Are My Stitchy Night

Another week and now we're already in April! Time is just flying by! I promise not to be "the voice of gloom" in this post as I'm quite tired of delivering sad or bad news.

Over the weekend I managed to finish the stitching on my CCN Peace Ornament. I used the recommended fabric and threads and I do have to say...it's kind of big for an ornament. I think I'd have been better off on 32 or 36 count but that's ok. It was a nice transitionary project to work on to help me get out of my stitching slump and I like how it came out. I didn't have time to actually finish this into an ornament but that will have to be a project for another day!
CCN Peace Ornament, JCS 2007
28 count Lakeside Linens Patina
Recommended DMC

I've diligently been working on Edgar's QFRR the past couple of nights. Excuse the photo but I was too lazy to take it out of the q-snap and it's little cozy to take a proper snap. You get the gist though. I had really wanted to finish that one motif but it got too late to keep my eyes open. You can tell I only need to put in a few more stitches to finish it and then I have two more large motifs to stitch before I can sent this onto it's next destination. This is the first time I have stitched with Vikki Clayton silk and it is very different than most silk I've worked with. It has very nice coverage...must be premium. Nice! I really like the color combination that Edgar picked which I of course can't remember now but I will report that when I finish my section.
I think that I will be planting my tushie on the futon again tomorrow night to continue work on this QFRR. While at Starbucks today, I tried to sneak past someone to get to the other side of the "condiment bar" and someone jumped back and stepped on my ankle. It's a tad swollen and a little bruised and painful. I might skip yoga since I wonder how well I will do balancing on a painful ankle. Plus, I really want to get this QFRR on it's way since I know another one is coming to me soon and I have loads of stitchy ideas in my head.

Since I've found my mojo, I keep bouncing around ideas as to what my next project will be. I am still working on the BC Snappers but haven't touched them since I discovered my big border mistake of 2009! I must start frogging and repairing the border. Since that seems tedious...I need a fun project. I was thinking about starting the Mirabilia - Letter G as a gift for *the boy's* niece. We've been tossing around the idea of a trip to Italy in October and the neice's birthday is in September so I figure it will be fun and a nice present that she can keep forever! Even if we don't make the trip this year, the gift will be readyfor when we do make the viist and that project seems less daunting than starting Fairy Moon right now. Plus, that gives me the chance to go fabric shopping as that's the only thing I need!

To motivate me a little, I joined Yoyo's Totally Useless SAL. You basically start an orts jar and show your progress on every new moon. So...it's totally easy plus, I'll have a colorful jar at the end of the year of all my orts! Of course, I have to keep stitching to have a colorful jar so stitching I must do! I went to Goodwill to find a cheap jar with lid and found the perfect one and have started to contribute to it tonight with the QFRR scraps.

Here's a cute little tidbit. When my mood is in the dumper, I tend to go into a "I want a pet" phase and since I love dogs but am not allowed to have any in my apartment, I start looking at cats. My favorite being an orange tabby. Now, I've never had a cat before but the idea of a little orange tabby makes me happy and I always think it would be nice to have a cat to pet that purrs and keeps me company. Now, *the boy* has lately been listening to me yap on and on about orange tabbys and looking for totes but not finding any I like and how I am so behind on stitching and need to carry my stuff around with me to maximize project output. Poor guy...he's been getting an earful! So, yesterday, I opened my mailbox and found a "surprise" package with this tote inside! *The boy* was browsing around on CafePress and saw this and thought it might cheer me up and it did. It was a very sweet gesture! It's not my usual taste seeing as my other tote is all *i heart goth* but it's growing on me. Insert *awww* here! =)
*The boy* has his follow up x-ray on Thursday. Think happy thoughts!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and you have a fun and stitchy week.

Until next time...

Monday, March 30, 2009

Another Trying Week

I feel like I'm becoming the "voice of gloom" lately. Things lately have been seriously annoying, difficult or sad lately. I think I'm not the only one going through a trying period so I wonder what is up with the cosmic forces! First there was the the broken boyfriend who is thankfully doing loads better despite still being on crutches. His living situation leaves much to be desired at the present moment so there is lots of talk about options and what to do. His follow up appointment is Thursday so we are hoping that there is some good news as to his healing. Keep your fingers crossed!

My dad is doing loads better after all his tests but the parentals and I had a big blowout mid-week that had me feeling very hurt, sad and frustrated. And then I end up feeling guilty that I'm fighting with a couple of eighty year olds! Is there ever a moment when parents can actually tell their kids that they in fact know better and just give into the advice and help?!? I may be their child bit I *am* 33 years old! I am *always* wrong despite being right most of the time. Hence, their stuff goes even more to shit than before since they defy everything I tell them. Yet *I'm* the difficult one! Geez! Who needs kids when they have 80 year old parents to contend with!? Sometimes, I wish I made that move to Seattle that I contemplated years and years ago. It's difficult to care for people who demand your help but don't want to listen or do anything you say despite only having their best interests at heart.

And on Saturday, I received the news that my friend's dad, whom I mentioned in my previous post, passed away. It's quite sad and seems so sudden to me since I just learned of his illness. It made me think of my teenage years when her parent's house was a sanctuary from my own. It was where I learned to drink vodka shots at the ripe old age of 16 (!!) and never, ever went hungry as her dad would always sneak more food on my plate when I wasn't looking...and was even more than I could eat! He always had fun stories to share and he inspired me to take up Hospitality Management as a career field. It was a field I enjoyed for a short number of years but have since dabbled here and there. I know he's in a better place and free from his pain and that's most important.

I wish things didn't seem to sad, trying or frustrating but I know that's all temporary.

Over the weekend, I did manage to finish the stitching on my Peace ornament and start (barely) the Edgar's RR. The RR will be my focus since I am already late. I am planting my tushie on the sofa every spare minute I have to get this piece in the mail by the end of the week. I know I can do it!

I'll share pictures tomorrow.

Until next time...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tuesdays Are My Stitchy Night

Wow...Tuesday again! The days are just flying by!

I had mentioned that I have been stitching but not a lot really. I had grand intentions of spending most of Monday evening stitching as I was skipping yoga due to the early morning wakeup call needed to take my dad to the hospital. I was sleepy and yawning by 11am! I am not a good morning person at all. But Monday night brought about issues like filing my federal and state tax returns, sorting through mail and finding a new personal physician. You know...fun stuff...NOT! But I've been stitching away at my Peace ornament when I can find a spare 10 minutes here and 15 minutes there. I haven't much left to stitch...just a couple more leaves and the flowers. This will be a happy dance by the weekend.
My Tuesdays haven't been very stitchy lately and today won't be very stitchy either. After the tragedy in Oakland over the weekend, it made me think of a dear friend of mine who is a police officer who I hadn't heard from in a while. Busy lives...busy people...we all lose track of time. I sent her an email to say hi and see if we could catch up and ends up her father is in a dire health situation as well as another member of her family. So dire that it doesn't seem like either will make it to the end of the year. It's all quite sad and she is spending most of her days off travelling about trying to take care of everyone. Today was the only day that worked between our schedules to catch up over dinner and I'd like to see her in person to just make sure she's coping ok. I think that's more important right now than making a few more x's in my stitching. It's surprising to see, read and hear how many people are having health issues or tragic things happen to them so far this year. I, myself, have been dealing with a lot of muscular pain in my neck and shoulder lately and I think it's time I did something about it. New doctor will hopefully bring about new treatment ideas. I'm quite upset at this since my last doctor (the one I switched from yesterday) had prescribed me a muscle relaxer which made me very fatigued and drowsy. When I told her I could not perform my normal daily functions on this medication, she prescribed me valium (stronger) and told to file a worker's comp claim! I refused both...what kind of doctor is that?! I just need a doctor that will give me positive forms of treatment like a couple of visits with a physical therapist to show me proper stretching exercises to target my pain areas. I hope this new doctor can do something like that for me. I hope everyone is in good health.

Lately, I've become an Etsy fanatic! I've been searching high and low for a new tote bag to carry my daily needs like book, stitchy project, bottle of water, camera and snacks, and haven't been able to find anything I really like that is big enough. This is hard since I want something fun, not pink and definitely not floral. It's really hard! I have bought this so far off of Etsy though.
There is a "i heart goth" tote which is cute and fun but not quiet sturdy enough for my rough handling. But I will use it and have fun with it until it falls apart. I love the print and all the others that this particular designer has. It was quite inexpensive considering original artwork and it came all the way from Scotland! I love how she looks all innocent but has a skull barrette, faint skull and crossbones pattern on her shift and very faint burgandy red highlights. It makes me laugh each time I see it. Reminds me of many days of me wearing constant black and sporting dark burgandy hair that would look so bright under any lighting. Ah, those were the days! There are two Q-Snap covers (in white), a pinpillow pattern from M Designs and 2 bookmarks from Belgium on the left which will come in handy now that I am actually reading. The Bookmark seller included a couple of small scraps with her prints on them as well as a very kind note on a postcard. All those can be used as placemarkers in books and magazines too! I thought that was very kind! I'm still on the search for a fun tote...not necessarily all teenagy and goth like this one...but fun, non-floral and no pink. If you have any leads...let me know!

Well, that's the extent of my stitchy Tuesday. I hope people are getting more stitchy time in than me but the good news is I have a quiet Thursday and Friday night and I think that since I scheduled a ton of appointments this weekend, it will be solo Valerie running around and *the boy* will be staying on his side of the bay. That would mean more stitchy time for me. Woo! Which is good as I have some serious time to spend with a QFRR before I send it onto it's next destination point.

Until next time...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Happiness and Sadness...Intertwined

The Happy: I woke up at an ungodly hour this morning to take my dad to the hospital for yet another procedure. We've all been very worried with the vagueness of what's been wrong for months and the requests for more tests. I decided to go in with my dad this time since sometimes, I don't get answers and with no surprise there since they make him all sleepy for the procedures! But in the end, I think that things with dear old dad are ok. Nothing that a better diet won't fix and some moderation. This may be challenging as my dad is already on a no cholesterol, no sugar diet and is as skinny as a rail with me always yelling at him to eat since the wind will blow him away! But I think we can work with fitting some good amount of fiber in his diet...good to hear he's ok. He still needs to follow up with his regular doctor but I think the end result is better diet and maybe some new medication.

The Sad: I work in public safety. I have friends who are cops and I have friends who are firefighters. Even in my annoyance that SFPD did not catch the guy who jumped *the boy* that caused him so much pain and suffering, I have deep respect and awe for policemen and firemen because they hold a job I wouldn't even touch with a ten-foot pole. But deep down, all these men and women want to do is serve and protect the community they were safeguarded to. They put themselves in danger everyday to serve and protect. Today, many people in the Bay Area are saddened at the tragic and senseless incident on Saturday that took the lives of four Oakland policemen. It really makes you think...how can this happen? Shouldn't cops be immune to this? It was only a traffic stop...the initial officers didn't even know what hit them. It's maddening. It's sad. It's a waste of life and all these men were trying to do was protect their community and a neighborhood.

It makes me more sad than my dad having a good test makes me happy.

Stitchy Tuesday is tomorrow and I have been stitching! Woo! Stay tuned tomorrow. Oh...and stitching makes me happy again now. Thank goodness!

Until next time...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tuesdays Are My Stitchy Night

This will be short and sweet seeing as I babbled yesterday. Tuesdays are beginning to see a non-stitchy streak. I had every intention of finishing or attempting to finish the stitching of my Peace ornament but after I visited with the chiropractor and finished my chores, my tummy was feeling quite unsettled. I wasn't sure why since I hadn't eaten dinner yet but I think it was taking my vitamin and calcium on an empty stomach which I usually don't do.

Because of that, my stitching mojo went away for the night and I decided to look for a new cell phone online and read more of The Other Boleyn Girl. I am really enjoying this book and it has been keeping me up past midnight because I just can't put it down! That makes getting up in the mornings very difficult!!

But I am feeling much better now.

Stitching time will be scarce the next few days as I have yoga, much laundry to do at the parentals and *the boy* will be spending the weekend with me starting Friday night and I have to work part of Sunday. I doubt I'll have much of a progress report until next week. But I will try to finish up my ornament and flip my coin as to what section to start stitching on Edgar's RR.

Hope everyone has a nice week and lots of stitchy progress...

Until next time...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Buh-bye Weekend!

Ugh...Monday already?! How did that happen? I really could use another day. I'm sure there are loads of people who feel that same way too.

I had grand plans this weekend...they pretty much evolved around staying at home all weekend in my pajamas.
See...me in pajamas...these ones are my favorite...red stripes and super warm and comfy.

And watching movies and tv.
I was all ready with my netflix which consisted of Season 1 discs for both The Closer and Bones. Two shows I enjoy which *the boy* doesn't really like watching with me due to the violence and "ewww" factor.

But sometimes, the best laid plans have a couple of bumps along the road. This weekend I felt rather blah and down even though I had it all to myself. I had told *the boy* I needed the weekend to myself since I was worn out and so tired of the stressed and hectic pace of the last few weeks. I wanted to be a futon potato and relax and let tv and a few pampering appointments take care of things. I indulged in sleeping in until 11:30am and soon thereafter I received a call saying my Sunday massage appointment had been cancelled. I really wanted a massage because of the stress and tension but there is also the factor that it's hard getting an appointment with my massage therapist! I headed out for my manicure. Since I had this gift certificate the crazy Russians gave *the boy* to give to me for a local salon, I figured that would be a treat. I was rather disappointed in the ambiance of the salon not to mention they were running 20 minutes late, were super disorganized and did a rather crappy job on my nails. I would not recommend the salon to anyone and ponder doing a yelp review. After the manicure, I looked at new phones and I think I picked out my future cell phone and then headed to Peet's where I did a rather good job of scalding my hand with piping hot coffee. Ouch! And then headed to the neighborhood taqueria for a taco and got the girl who didn't know how to even make one. I had to remind her what went in one as she skipped over ingredients. *sigh* And after all that I had to head over to the parentals so not really the most relaxing day. I was rather spent and cranky after it all.

But that evening, I found a little bit of my stithing mojo and made a small start on my CCN Peace Christmas Ornament. Here is it so far...not bad for absent-minded stitching. I am hoping to finish it entirely by the end of the month. The stitching is no problem...it's the actual finishing that sometimes seems daunting to me.
Sunday was a lot better...I slept in again, watched tv...saw this cute little film and read.
Coraline was a very cute film about how what you want may not always be best or what it seems. I greatly enjoyed it and wheras it was dark, I didn't find it scary...even with the 3-D glasses.

Sunday was a good day but I just wish I had one more day to the weekend! Tomorrow is stitchy night and I don't know what to work on. I know I should work on Edgar's QFRR. I was hoping to strategize between his and the next one so I don't end up stitching the same section three times! And I was really hoping the other stitcher would get back to me over the weekend but it's time I suck it up and take the gamble on which one I do on this one and hope it's a different section on the next one. Housework and stitching...the agenda for tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend...

Until next time...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tuesdays Are My Stitchy Night

I have lost my stitching mojo. I haven't picked up a needle in over two weeks and there are times when I feel that this current state of affairs is odd and that I should try but I haven't had a desire to stitch at all. Things have been particularly stressful lately and whereas stitching usually brings me comfort, I feel quite down about my border mistake on the Snappers. I won't give up though! I just got my order of Dried Thyme GAST from Needlecraft Corner yesterday so there will be some progress or frogging happening on that shortly. Stay tuned!

But I will show you what I've been up to and it's been making things less stressful. Reading!! I used to be a voracious reader. One book in a single evening. I loved it! But then I found stitching again and I would usually stitch and watch tv over reading. Now I am a slow reader and a book takes me forever! *sigh* But I have a couple of reads under my belt now. First is Comfort Food by Kate Jacobs. Being a Top Chef fanatic, I thought it would be cool to read this book based on a tv cooking show celebrity chef. It was a good read. Lots of characters but not so many you get all confused. Light and fluffy...no heavy thinking.
A while ago, during my knitting phase, I read the A Friday Night Knitting Club also by Kate Jacobs. I remember it being a really good book and it ipitomized the whole essense of a knitting club...the need to connect with other women who loved the same thing but had different lives. I read that book voraciously and loved it despite it requiring much kleenex. I figured I would read the sequel, Knit Two. This was a good book as well but not as good as A Friday Night Knitting Club.
Now this next book has a long history with me. I have been trying to read The Other Boleyn Girl by Phillipa Gregory for months. Yep, months! I checked it out 6 times (I should be ashamed to admit this but I am not...obviously) last year. The problem would be that I would go to the library and find a ton of books I wanted to read, check them all out and then read one or two very slowly and then I would never get around to reading it. Towards the end of the year, I had read 80 pages before having to return it before the holiday rush as there was no way I could get back to the book. Before *the boy* got hurt, we went to the library and I checked out these three books. He asked why I was checking out The Other Boleyn Girl again and I had to explain I had not finished it. Well, I've now reached my allotment of three check outs on this book again and I am only on page 240...of 667. This does not mean it's a bad book. It's quite good and well-written...I only just picked it up to actually read again over the weekend but the book is due back today. I know the library has more copies of this book so I will be returning my copy and checking out another so I can continue the story of King Henry, Anne and Mary.
I had mentioned that there was good things that happened last Thursday...despite how bad that day was, there were a couple of bright spots. I decided to take the day off from work so I could go to the Artistic Luxury: Fabrege, Tiffany, Lalique exhibit at the Legion of Honor. Despite it being a Thursday morning, the parking lot was full! But after doing a round about, I found a great spot. I am always amazed at the view from the museum so I took a couple of snaps.
Sea, mountains, trees and puffy white clouds
A far-off cityscape and more puffy clouds
And the Legion of Honor museum on a gorgeous day

I had planned on taking loads of pictures of the exhibit but photography was not allowed. The pieces were amazing! Jaw-dropping amazing...like how in the world were these pieces even created!? The detail in all of the pieces were beyond comprehension. I could have stood there gazing at fabrege eggs, art nouveau jewelry and glass pieces all the day. It was well worth the trip and the exhibit fee to see and I was happy I took a day off to go see it. Since the pieces on display are small, people crowd around very close making it hard to see and necessary to wait for people to get their fill before they move on so you can get a close-up view as well. It was a great way to fill the morning. I then had to move on to take *the boy* to the doctor and you all know how that went. But we were able to get a table for dinner at Absinthe. This is one of my favorite places...more the bar than the restaurant and the executive chef is Jamie Lauren of the last Top Chef season. There were no Jamie sightings but we had a fun time for dinner. Lots of cocktails, small plates and laughs. It was a nice evening...despite everything else.

The weekend was a grooming weekend for *the boy*. He desperately needed a haircut and some new clothes so I dragged him to the mall and made him try on clothes. He probably thought I was a fashion nazi but he said later that he was happy with all his purchases so that's most important. Overall, it was a nice weekend. I brought *the boy* to come out and stay with me for the weekend after that whole hoopla about the rent. He managed to get up all the stairs and we watched lots of videos and ordered in pizza. Pretty mellow weekend despite the driving. Be careful out there driving. People drive like maniacs! Over the weekend, someone drove into a group of Girl Scouts trying to sell cookies in front of a grocery store in my neighborhood!

Today is supposed to be stitchy Tuesday but I doubt stitching will happen. I see reading, video watching and dishes in my immediate future. But I do have a stitchy deadline coming up. I've decided to take the entire weekend to myself so I think that time will be best spent lounging in pajamas, watching tv and stitching. I will find my stitching mojo if it kills me!

I hope everyone in blogland had a nice weekend too...

Until next time...

Friday, March 06, 2009

Four More Weeks


Four more weeks was not the news we had hoped to hear from the doctor not to mention we had to wait forever to get the bad news. The fibula has already calcified and healed right up but it looks like that tibula is going to be a nagging pain in the patoot to heal. The break was still quite clear on the xray as well as the big metal rod and pins in his leg. It's weird seeing an xray with a rod and pins in a leg.

Four more weeks of no weight bearing, boot and crutches and four more weeks of my "around the bay area" excursions. I about have a stress attack every weekend since it appears that people don't know how to drive at all. Running red lights, driving about like it's a leisurely Sunday stroll, people talking on their cell phones while driving, cutting me off, not signaling. It's all so annoying and I've realized that I hate driving! It puts me in such a bad mood. As if all that is not enough of a headache to deal with, *the boy* just emailed me to tell me that the "friends" he is renting from at the moment have decided to double (yes, double!!!) the rent on his room starting May 1st. Nice, huh? What kind of friends are those!?! So...now we have to look for another room/apartment for him to rent within the city limits...preferably. Most people would wonder why he doesn't just move in with me but it's a little hard to get to his work on public transportation from where I live (especially on crutches) and we've already established my place (despite it being a good size) is too small for the two of us. We might kill each other! We are both too independant and hard-headed to have someone underfoot all the time.

It's headache upon headache! I would talk about the up points of the day like the Fabrege/Lalique/Tiffany exhibit and a wonderful dinner at Absinthe but I'm so mad I could spit (how unladylike) so I will go into all that in my next post.

Sadly...no stitching pictures as I haven't picked up a needle in over a week. I can hardly believe it...seems so strange.

I promise to have more interesting and not such downer things to say in the next post.

Until next time...

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Just a Quick Question...

Just a quick question to put out to the stitchy bloggers of blogland...

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from my LNS (not NiaH), telling me that the Royal School of Needlework was coming to the town I live in to teach day classes of different needlework forms. Woo!! The UK is coming to me! Awesome! What the hell is the Royal School of Needlework?! Ummm, yea! First off, knowing there is a school of needlework out there is fantastic. I wish I knew that when I was younger. Screw business school...I'd have gone to the Royal School of Needlework! I don't think my parents would have liked that very much but I am all about taking classes in areas that hold my interest and for now, that is needlework and yoga. So my question is "has anyone out there ever taken a class from the Royal School of Needlework and what did you think of it?" The ones that hold my interest are Introduction to Embroidery and Jacobean Crewel. I've been interested in learning both embroidery and crewel for some time and that seems the route to go to if I decide to sign up for a class. Due to the cost, I can really only decide to do one. But which one if I decide to?! Ugh, decisions! Just wondering if anyone has any experiences or comments about RSN to share. :)

Until next time....

Tuesdays Are My Stitchy Night

Ah, yes...I am posting this on Tuesday morning versus Tuesday night. Key hint that this poor girl won't be getting any stitching done on her Tuesday! *sigh*

Where to begin...things have been very busy and I am oh so tired! All I can say that it's hard to keep up with my broken down boyfriend aka *the boy*, old crazy parents, work, yoga, chores and errands. Seriously...I don't know how you folks with kids do it!! I'm exhausted!

Both me and *the boy* are ready for some good news in the form of the doctor telling him he can be more mobile sooner than later. He has his doctor's appointment on Thursday. I wonder what he will say. I hope he says no more crutches!!

My dad hasn't been doing too well. The doctor keeps ordering more and more tests. Why so many tests...I don't understand. But the request for more tests has me very worried. So back he goes for more tests this Wednesday. I hope that in the end...it's nothing...or just something very minor.

Work is very busy despite the doom and gloom feeling of the budget crisis. I know I am fine and safe through June and my hours won't be cut in any way. It's after June that I worry about so I am tightening the belt on spending and trying to pay off as much debt as possible. It makes things kind of boring but then I've been very busy running errands and visiting *the boy* and the parentals. No time for fun!

I did have a little bit of fun on Saturday though. I went to NiaH to take a CA Wells class. It was my first class ever! I've heard lots of good things about CA and after seeing her "chocolate box", I decided to plunk down the money and learn a new technique. There is the good and bad to this class experience. The good: CA is amazing. She has great energy, is super nice and friendly and omg, so talented! She was very welcoming and fun! The class was great. It's a beautiful piece and I am happy to have attended the class. It's a lot of information to go through in three hours though and I left the class rather brain-dead and cross-eyed. I can't wait to work on this piece and finish it. It will take me some time especially as I am not quite ready to start it but I am sure I can get it done...in my lifetime! LOL Now the bad: One of the reasons I've decided to wait so long to take a class is because of the cost but also because of judgement. Because of my age and looks, I feel like I am disregarded and not taken seriously because they assume I am a newbie stitcher. I may be a newbie to classes but I've got a quarter of a century of stitching experience under my belt. When I say it like that, I seem old, don't I?! A couple of the ladies at the class were quite rude. One I won't get into but the other made a comment that really rubbed me the wrong way. CA had asked who needed a refresher on how to do her trademark join and I said that she would have to teach me since I have never learned her trademark join seeing as it was my first class with her and isn't the point of the class for her to show you anyways? The woman next to me laughed and then said to another student "she's never done the join and she picks the chocolate box to learn it?!" Ummm....lady, I am right next to you and can hear you! And just because I have never done it before doesn't mean I am not capable. All I know is that I would never make a comment like that to anyone else attending a class. Fact of the matter is that we are all there to learn the same thing and paid the same amount of money. I don't pay that much money to be made to feel inferior. It's no fault of NiaH...just the sad fact that people are rude and mean and don't take other people's feelings into consideration. And I didn't say anything when CA had to repeat the same thing to this lady about 10 times because she didn't understand. I just keep listening and it drills that bit of information into my head. All I know is that if I was in a class where I was more experienced in a certain technique than another, that I would try to help that person as best I could rather than make them feel small and inferior. Sometimes, all it takes is a small thing to ruin a great experience. But in the end, CA was great, I have a wonderful pattern and beautiful supplies and I will entertain myself with the stitching and finishing at some point sooner rather than later. Plus, I got to meet Pat from Lakeside Linens and she was super nice! I tried not to gush about how much I loved her linen but boy do I love her linen!!

My stitching mojo has come to a screeching halt though. Finding the "great border mistake of 2009" has bummed me out and even though most everyone said to leave the mistake as is...I am a tad too OCD to do that. Yes, call me crazy...but I will be frogging out the entire leafy border on the bottom of the snappers. Yep, you heard me...I will frog out 19 inches of GAST Dried Thyme leaves. *Sigh* I know, it's maddening. I haven't even frogged yet so I can change my mind at any moment but I know I wont. It's the OCD. But I also have to order the GAST and hope that it somewhat matches what I've already done. I've got a QFRR and an ornament to work on to take my mind off of the Snappers derailment but this week is just too chaotic and busy for me to get much stitching done.

So on *stitchy Tuesday*, I will head to the parentals to visit with my dad and make sure he's ok before his test and do laundry. Yes, folks...my life is just that thrilling!

Until next time...