Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Best Wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Remember to save room for's the best part!

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

New York!

“One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years”
--Thomas Wolfe

The above is completely true. After a day in New York, I was trying to figure out how I could move from San Francisco to New York. Just pick up, get a new job, find a great place and just be immersed in the hustle and bustle, art, culture, skyscrapers and the mishmosh of people. New York is a fantastically wonderful place. I don't envision these daydreams coming true anytime soon though because if people think rent is ridiculous's absurd in New York.

I managed to get to my friend's apartment in one piece and we had a low key first day since she had to work. Went to lunch and walked a bit to get there. Despite jaywalking around my city with high frequency, I had to assure myself that I wouldn't get killed by a taxi by walking against the light in New York. Because, you know, rumor is they are notorious. By the end of the trip, I was jaywalking left and right.

The first night, we decided to hit a craft fair at Madison Square Park and in our walking around, I realized that we were close to the Flatiron
and the Empire State Building. Case in point.
So we decided to get the Empire State Building out of the way and off my list. We splurged and went to the 102nd floor. Just an FYI, the 102nd floor is 1. high and 2. a tiny space! With all the exposed beams, you had to watch your feet and your head. It was a nice advantage though and provided some nice photos of New York at night. I'm sure it would have been equally amazing during the daytime.

We went down to the 86th floor to get a different vantage point. We didn't stay long though because it was *freezing* outside. OMG, between the chill and the wind, I was out and back in in a flash.

For dinner, we hit a great restaurant called Red Cat in Chelsea which was fantastic! If you're in NY, I'd highly recommend this place. The food was great and the service was exceptional!

Day two consisted of a leisurely brunch at Recipe in the Upper West Side...poached eggs over a bacon-apple ragout with home potatoes. Good...but I am still kicking myself that I didn't get the poached eggs with duck confit! And seriously...I only eat this rich when I eat out. The rest of the time I survive on salads, soup, toast and yogurt....I swear. After that, we walked through Central Park, which is vast, and came across joggers, bikers, picnickers. It was a beautiful day for all those things. I have a thing for skyscraper skylines so we got a couple of good shots.

I'll let you guys guess which one I am

We made it to the Met which is fricking huge! Lien told me to pick 2 rooms/exhibits out of a ton it seemed like. And wouldn't you know it, the one I *really* wanted to see (Costume Exhibit) was closed!? The heck? We still had fun seeing the Egyptian and Modern art exhibits. We went to the rooftop because they had a bamboo "art" exhibit.
Uh...yea. I thought it was a mess! It looks like a gigantic rat's nest. They had tours where you can walk on the pathways within the bamboo art. I'm glad they were sold out because I don't think I would have been too keen on that. If you look closely, you can see a couple of people in the art.

It was time to relax before dinner. We headed out to John's Pizzeria for dinner to get "authentic NY pizza" which was yummy! I was ready to smack this guy who was in the booth behind me but that's besides the point. People may want to throw NY attitude at me but they don't realize I have my own special blend of city attitude that I can throw around too if I need to. After dinner, we walked around nearby Washington Square Park where they have an Arc de Triumphe just like the one in Paris. (this photo taken a different day during daytime hours)
The next day, we had a light breakfast and checked out Highline Park and Chelsea Market before getting ready to see a Broadway matinee. We went to see Promises, Promises which is pretty much based on the old Jack Lemmon movie, The Apartment. It was wonderful! Sean Hayes, Kristen Chenoweth and Molly Shannon all performed really well! Who knew they could sing?! I would highly recommend it!

And since we were right there on Times Square, we walked around. Times Square is insane! Tons of people...tons of lights. It's sensory overload.

Final day, I decided to do a tv and film tour. It was enjoyable but not excellent. I did have a good time seeing different famous locales but got annoyed with the multiple on/off destinations which didn't really seem to warrant as much attention as they were giving it. By the time the tour was over, I had a blazing headache from lack of caffeine. I was in such a hurry to make the tour that I didn't have time to stop for coffee. Walking 30 blocks sometimes takes longer than you think. I decided to walk down Fifth Avenue to shop but at a certain point, I just couldn't take it anymore. I stopped a security guard and asked for the nearest Starbuck's (doesn't Peet's exist on the East Coast?!) and he pointed to a building across the street.
30 Rockafeller (rink and fountain shown)

So I entered 30 Rock to find liquid caffeine and got all lost. There are shops and restaurants...holy cow! I found Starbucks and rested which eating my mini scone and drinking my coffee. Some tourists came up to me asking for museum recommendations and it made me happy to be mistaken for a local instead of a fellow tourist.

After my caffeine fix, I ventured back out and stumbled upon St. Patrick's Cathedral which is stunning inside and out!
And this crazy wedding dress model. She went out into a lane of traffic and actually had a staring contest with a bus driver! Over here, Muni would have run her over! I guess you have to do what you have to do to get the perfect shot!
And I walked and I walked and I walked, all the way back "home" with only 2 shopping stops. 1. a souvenir shop for a NY tee shirt and 2. to go to M&J Trimming which is the mecca of trim shops that I've ever been to. I came back with a baggie full of wonderful trims to help me with finishing. And then I made it home...exhausted from walking over 70 blocks that day. Had one last meal and it was an early flight the next day.
The kitties that would curl up with me at night

I must get back to New York asap. I didn't get to many of the things on my short list. Four days wasn't nearly enough!

Bye New York...Love you and see you soon!
Until next time...

P.S. Thanks for all your get well wishes! I am feeling better but am sneezy and sniffly still. I think i'm allergic to the lotion from the nail salon though so I'm off to scrub my hands. So sneezy!!

P.P.S. I'll be away from the blog for a week or so due to holiday travels and such. Safe travels and Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Gym is Bad for You!

I knew it...I knew it! The gym is bad for your health!

Yesterday, I finally mustered up the drive to go to the gym. That says a lot as I think I only went twice in October and probably four times in September. With the traveling, it's just been hard to get there. But I got there last night which was good! But about half way through my workout, I was feeling pretty crummy. I was feeling fine one minute and the next, the dreaded scratchy throat began. By 10pm last night...I was wiped out.

I woke up this morning and still felt the same but I went to work anyways. Sore throat was joined by sneezing and runny nose. In all reality, this probably explains why I have been feeling so exhausted and scatterbrained lately. The cold was festering way deep down. Why'd it have to take so long to make it's appearance?!

Nothing exciting really going on. Last week, I dragged myself to this huge outlet mall that I detest. I hate going there but my coworkers always talk about what deals they find there. So I decided to go to see if I could find a dress I liked better (i.e. less expensive) than the one I bought a couple of weekends ago. I am a terrible fit for a dress...terrible. I am a pear and short waisted so almost always, dresses are too big on top and too tight on the bottom. I hate dresses! I shopped and shopped and didn't find a thing. At the last possible store, I pulled down the zipper to get ready to try it on and wouldn't you know...there was a roach in the dress! IN the dress. I had to drop that dress fast and kick it under the dressing room. If I wasn't practically naked, I would have run screaming from the store! But you know...that wasn't ideal. I spent the rest of the day shaking everything for bugs and had the ebbie jeebies. Sadly, the only exciting thing going on was kind of traumatizing! Needless to say, me and that outlet mall are on the outs!

The nice thing is that the dress I bought 2 weeks ago went on sale and now it's affordable so I will be keeping the dress.

I don't have any of my stitching to show because I'm ornie stitching. My goal was to finish 3 ornies by the time I leave for Dallas. So far, I've stitched one and started the second. I am trying to stitch fast because the one I finished stitching is soooo cute, I want to keep it for myself! I don't think I will be able to finish three by next Tuesday but I might get close.

Speaking of ornies, I received my Hooked on Exchanging ornie from my partner. Wow, she was fast and mailed way ahead of the deadline. Puts me to shame! lol Marie stitched me this pretty Prairie Schooler which she says is from the JCS ornie issue.
It will be a nice contribution to my Christmas decorations this year. Thanks Marie!

Well, I'll see how I feel tomorrow. If I feel crummy, I'm going to stay home and if that happens, maybe, just maybe, I'll get my NY post up and stitch on ornie #2 some more.

Tonight, I'm having a big bowl of pho tai to help clear my sinuses and soothe my throat and then I will stitch the night away on ornie #2. Slippers...check! Tea...check! TV remote...check!

*achoo!* Can someone pass me a kleenex? *sniffle, sniffle*

Until next time...

Monday, November 08, 2010


Monday have to wonder what the week holds for you when you realize you left your coffee mug way upstairs when you are already way downstairs. But a Monday without coffee may as well be hell so it's best to trek up all the stairs and be late to work than sit in your cube under-caffeinated. Urgh...Monday.

I've been lacking a lot of drive lately. I've been feeling pretty tired since I came back from New York. No other symptoms...just tired. I have no idea what it is. It would be helpful if I could just go to sleep at a decent hour but I force myself not to fall asleep at 6pm (when I'm sleepy) to go to sleep at a more acceptable time but next thing I know, it's midnight! How's that happen?

My sister's visit came and went in the blink of an eye. She finally saw my apartment. Climbing my 50 steps is a daunting task to most everyone I know. I oftentimes get the "uh, I'll wait for you downstairs" response when people are meeting up with me. I get it...I've fallen off the gym bandwagon and my thighs are burning by the time I reach my doorstep. Apparently, I need to get back to the gym...stat! But it was a treat for me to have my sister in my very own space and see how I have it decorated and understand why it's my sanctuary. At least I get to visit with her in two weeks so it's only a short absence.

Stitching was slow considering...but I managed to stitch the "Needles" portion of the Traveling Stitcher.
All that is left is finishing both pieces to the pouch which makes me very apprehensive. How do I get them finished all pretty like in the picture by myself?! I think Mary Kathryn has a tutorial so I will be studying that and get to finishing it...but probably not until after Thanksgiving.

After putting the last stitch in "needles", I pulled out all my JCS ornie issues and ornie patterns and started planning which ornies I wanted to try to stitch before the end of the month. And then the threads. And then fabrics. And then I had a huge mess on my hands. As much as I like new starts, gethering all the supplies can be annoying. Missing overdyeds so I check my dmc and I'm missing those too. So I made a quick order and have to make a quick trip to Joann's to really get underway but I've made a decent start on an ornie. Ornies probably won't be shown though as I signed up for an exchange and will be going to my local stitching group's Christmas party so there are two ornie's I have to stitch up and finish(!) quickly. I wonder if I could stitch more...

My luck in blogland continues to run rampant. I won Robin's wonderful giveaway of some felted pumpkins. Thanks Robin! They will be a wonderful addition to my fall decorating. Here they sit with my etsy pumpkin and my TUSAL jar. The jar is getting more and more full. I love seeing the different colored orts and knowing what projects they came from!
I can't believe how fast time is flying! Before we know it, it will be Thanksgiving and the holiday shopping and decorating. Ergh...I'm not ready!

I've been fighting some massive kitten fever. It takes so much effort on my part to not stop in on the adoption annexes I pass by. Each time I do...I see a kitten I just fall in love with and I think about said kitten for days afterwards until I can assure myself that he/she's been adopted. I think I need to kitten-proof my apartment and look for a feline companion. It's a little nerve-wracking because I've never had a cat before. I would love to have a dog but that won't happen anytime soon so a cat is my only option for a pet. I just wish a cat would stay kitten size forever!

I'm hoping the next post will be my NY recap post. I managed to get pictures from my to edit them. I've been...uh...lazy about the editing part.

Until next time...

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Mail Call!

Wow! I've been lucky the past few days. Instead of the usual bills and junk, I've received fun mail! Yay! I love fun mail!

I won Day 28 of Missy Ann and Annette's 31 Days of Halloween Giveaway Extravaganza. Talk about lucky! And I was excited when I saw the sneak preview. I remember just seeing the broom and I must be the With Thy Needle and Thread Design. Guess what!
I was right! It's gorgeous. Stitched over one on banding. I love it! And the best part is that now I don't have to buy the chart and stitch it for myself. I was seriously considering it since it's a great item for Halloween decorating. Missy Ann also included a cat threadwinder with a few handmade pins along with a bag of candy. Thanks Missy Ann and Annette!

I also got a cute package from Melanie. I won her Boo Beads giveaway.
OMG...these beads are even cuter in real life. I love that little ghost. Love it! Now I need to find a use for them because I'm not putting them on my cell phone. I think they'll become a scissor fob. Thanks Melanie. If you haven't visited Melanie's shop, you should! She's got cute beads!

And then...yes, there's more! I received a package from Sharon - Daffycat! She sent me a wonderful RAK.
Isn't it super cute?! I love it. And the other side has a little pie stitched on it which is funny since I just took a pumpkin pie out of the oven! Thank you so much Sharon!

Well, I have no stitching to show because remember the stitch-ass session I was supposed to have on Sunday? Uh, yea...that didn't happen. I got all carried away dress shopping that I was exhausted and had already missed half the Giants game by the time I got home! I found the cutest dress that cost a small fortune! Why do dresses cost so much money?! So I am debating whether I keep the dress...but it's so cute! Ugh...the inevitable internal debate. I need to find a fun guy that will give me reason to wear a fun cocktail dress in the near future...

Speaking of Giants...Congratulations to my home team! They played with integrity. I'm a little disappointed in the fans though. Rioting, causing havoc and mayhem, setting mattresses on fire, climbing on fire engines and busses. Ummm,'re trashing your own city! Gawd, I have no idea what is wrong with people! What is wrong with people?! I didn't even get to watch yesterday's game but I knew we won by the fireworks, honking and yelling.

My sister is visiting for the week. Yay! My parents can drive her bananas for a week...mental vacation time. Woot! *sigh* Probably means I won't get much stitching done. I've visited 3 times in less than a week and my dad tells me not to be a stranger. For reals?! Holy cow...they are a lot of work. I'm very happy to have my sister in town.

Well, I better head off to bed. Still feeling so tired! Hope everyone is having a good week so far!

Until next time...