Friday, August 03, 2007

The Eager and The Excited

Lots of changes at work...good ones. Things'll be busy for the next few months in terms of recruiting and right now I am getting a taste of it by handling my first ever recruitment...for firefighters. That means that there are a lot of eager and excited young guys out there trying to be heroes.

On Wednesday, I had the fun duty of calling those selected for a Chief's Interview. It's a huge deal and when they've gone from 105 applicants to 8 core interviews...those called pretty much know they're special. Now they just need to prove it to the Chief. A couple of the guys I called cracked me up! I just loved hearing *I've been waiting to hear your voice!*. Such flirts! I know that they're trying to get into my good graces in the hopes of me mentioning how nice they are to the Chief. Yea, I don't think so!! But it's nice to get a voice compliment as I usually get teased about mine.

Next couple of weeks will be fun and exciting...we'll hire a couple of guys and it'll be busy getting them ready for their new job. These are times when I really, really like my job!

Dating Blahs

I have the dating blahs. Whenever I get these blahs, I wonder if I should really even be dating. No one is sparking any real interest. Everyone seems very cookie cutter but maybe that's because I seem to attract computer techie types? There is no real excitement, no butterflies, no hopes of the cute guy I'm seeing just jumping me already, no...nothing. I've basically just been going through the motions of getting out there and meeting new people so that I don't become a hermit and things have really felt that way since *T*. Not that I want to get back together with *T* since there were some major issues there for me that I know wouldn't get fixed quickly or easily and that's just too messy for me to deal with. I really just need something that just needs a couple of tweaks here and there...not a major overhaul. So I was juggling and am still seeing Guy #1.

Guy #2 thought I lived in the city and accused me of not revealing my true location on my profile so I accused him of being a *picture clicker*. You know, the guys that see a cute face and just click to wink and doesn't even really look or read the profile. of those. I haven't heard from him since which is probably a good thing. He sounded like an idiot!

Guy #3 is cute and totally my physical type but it was completely painful to talk to him on the phone. I talked and talked for 15 minutes asking him all sorts of questions and he didn't ask me one single thing about me not to mention he didn't elaborate at all on his answers to my questions. It may as well have been a game of 20 questions. If it was that painful on the phone, I wasn't going to put myself through a face-to-face meeting. So sayonara.

Guy #4 seems fun and interesting but not really my type per se. I kind of distanced myself from him because he lives in Oakland. Geez, what a pain that would be. So the location logistics are kind of a pain and I don't know if I want to put myself in a position of potentially having to drive to Oakland to meet up with a guy I'm dating. Considering I get pissed off just driving the 3 miles to work, can you imagine having to drive 25 miles and crossing a bridge?! Gah...I'll go mad! So he's in and out of the picture depending on my mood.

So the only one really in the picture is Guy #1 who is the gym rat, super-casual guy I've been seeing for the past two to three weeks. I still feel very unsure about him as he keeps trying to talk me into going on walks and hikes, doesn't really dress nice for our dates and seems a tad frugal. Honestly, girls don't like being told they're a *cheap date*. We may realize that we are but can really keep that realization to yourselves. I'm quite unsure if I want to go through the next step with Guy #1 since I'm not feeling it. Plus he has no vices! Ugh, why can't I meet a cool, cute, nice guy with the same vices as me? Caffeine, alcohol and the occasional (rarely ever) nicotine fix? This makes any form of entertainment so much enjoyable for me but I feel weird dragging people to coffee shops and bars if they don't imbibe either type of drink!

So with that said, I'm sure most know what I'm in the midst of as well. Whenever I'm unsure about a guy, I reassess my options. Another guy emailed me asking if I'd like to get together and perhaps we will. The logistics are as good as Guy #1. Lives in the city, works on the peninsula and suggested a drink! I'd love to go out for a drink and someone else be joining me. And as always, I turn to *the ex*. Too bad he's so incredibly busy with work right now.

So I just feel quite blah about all these guys. And as usual, me juggling the blah guys finally makes me realize that I haven't worked on any of my projects! I've got to learn how to juggle the guys and the projects.