Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I've started my vacation and so far, it's been a blur of family stuff, Opera at the Ballpark, errands and doctors appointments. Nothing really exciting. Just trying to get things done. Yesterday was the girl junk doctor's appointment. It's always awkward sitting there in those terrible plasticky paper coverings at the doctor's office. They aren't even gowns! But it's probably good that I really like my doctor and she's very down to earth and actually takes the time to chat. We joked about dating and men and the difference between hookups and real relationships and what has happened to the state of relationships in this day and age. I mentioned my age...because of mammography and cancer now running in my family and she asked about my standing on kids. If you've read my blog for a while, you all know where I stand. I've got major episodes of puppy fever...but baby fever...uh no. Not once. Not even a little bit. She wanted to make case I needed a referral to a sperm bank. Because I am apparently getting old and my time is limited to have kids if I want them. So weird!

Not sure how I really feel about that, especially in light of turning a year older on Saturday! At least she said she wouldn't have guessed I was as old as I am. The good ol' genes are still pulling their weight!

I've been busy stitching on Christmas Rules and am very close to finishing. I did find a mistake today but will make it work since I don't feel like frogging much when it's barely noticeable. I'll show a picture when I finish.

is here. I'm so mixed up on my days that I'm not sure what the exact date is but I've seen people posting so I'm assuming I am late.
It's after 10pm and I should be packing for my road trip but I am sporting a massive headache. I think I just need to wake up early, throw some stuff in a bag and wing it! I can't believe it's time to leave but am looking forward to a little me time.

Lots to catch up on when I get back!

Until next time...

Monday, September 19, 2011

IHSW Update!

Hello my lovlies...did you all have a nice weekend? I did...but much too short, as always.

It was filled with socialness and I ended up forcing myself to relax on Sunday. Friday, Claire and I went to a little wine bar and had a nice Indian dinner. Nothing fancy but a nice way to end a busy week. Saturday, my new friend and I went on an urban hike in North Beach and Telegraph Hill. I love doing this and never tire of it. It's a more touristy thing to do but I don't care. The views are amazing! I took pictures but am too tired to resize them now so I will treat you all later. After our hike, we stopped at a nice little spot along the Embarcadero to chat and relax over a nice lunch and gaze at the boats gliding by. Definitely not a bad way to spend a Saturday! On Sunday, I decided to skip the Scavenger Hunt. The organizer didn't even tell us the meeting spot until midnight Sunday! Being a planner at heart, stuff like that annoys me and I decided that having clean undies was more important than scurrying about in the heatwave we're having. I think that was a good decision since me and hot weather don't mix well; add in the stress of meeting 20plus strangers and then asking random people for things for the "hunt"...meh. I slept in, visited my folks, did laundry and went to the gym.

I'm throwing myself back into the gym. The socialness promotes more drinking and eating and I've been feeling a little jiggly in spots. This feeling wasn't helped by my dad bluntly telling me I've put on weight. Eff! Thanks Dad! Ugh...the old folks have not mastered the art of "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all!" =( You'd think they'd learn by now considering how much I act out when they are not nice.

So gym yesterday (1.8m only since they were closing), today (4.1m) and tomorrow I will try some cardio class to mix it up a bit.

It was International Hermit and Stitch Weekend. I got a little bit done considering the busy schedule. I finished Rule #9 and started the very boring border on Rule #10. Sorry for the craptastic photo. If I didn't do it may never get posted!

I was hoping to finish all the rules by my roadtrip but I am starting to think that's wishful thinking. Three more rules in one week?! Yea, not going to happen. But I am, so close!

This is a hectic week at work especially in preparation of me being on vacation next week. Woot! My sister is coming into town for a visit on Wednesday since it's my mom's birthday this Saturday and mine is the Saturday after. We are ramping up for the busy part of the year.

Fall TV is starting up! I am so excited! I run the risk of reverting back into my hermity ways and I will have to be careful. It's tempting to just go home after work and assplant into the recliner to watch tv especially since I sense the days getting shorter and the nights growing longer. I would say the weather is getting cooler but we have Indian Summer here and I got home at 7pm to a sauna of an apartment. But the breeze flows in the windows and it feels nice. I have to try and keep a regular routine of gym after work with at least 3 social get togethers a week.

Well, time to peel off and try to stitch a little before calling it a nice.

Until next time...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dating and Stitching

Thanks for the nice comments on my last post. I'm definitely frustrated but I think it's just heightened by it being the hormonal time of the month and obsessively wasting time on the damn site. There's nothing for me there so I need to throw myself into other avenues of distraction like the gym and home projects.

Not all dating experiences have been bad. I made a new friend and that's a plus. I even had a guy tell me I look like a cross between Marisa Tomei and Mary Louise Parker. I consider that a positive thing! Mind you, the guy is dressed up like a pirate in his profile pics. I seriously have no idea what that is all about and really don't want to find out either! What a way to market yourself. Ahoy cute girl, come on an adventure with me and I won't make you walk the plank!

Today, I had a different guy send me an email that said, "what do you like to do for fun?". Period. I list all my fun stuff in my profile. Stop looking at my pictures and read my profile already!

Ok, that's it. I will stop talking about dating now. It annoys me. Oh, but I guess you all figured that out by now. =D

How about stitching? I can talk about stitching because I've actually done some. Last weekend was pretty quiet. I was a lazyass with the exception of Sunday when I dragged myself to the Park to partake in the Opera in the Park event.
It was a gorgeous day...just perfect to lounge around in the sun with a little picnics and a handful of friends. I did manage to get a funky sunburn because I didn't spray my SPF70 very well. Yep, they make sunscreen that strong and I still manage to get sunburn. I'm just happy I had it because otherwise I would have turned as red as a lobster! Remember how I said people look familiar because I've seen them on the dating site? Turns out I recognized a photo in the program as one on the dating site. That guy is an opera singer! So weird...I recognize people everywhere!

Anyways, on my lazy Friday and Saturday, I managed to finish the 7th Rule and stitch the 8th Rule in Christmas Rules! ANd I made a tiny start on the 9th one as you can see here.
I signed up for IHSW even though I have a pretty busy weekend planned. I am hoping to at least finish this 9th Rule. If you want to join in on the fun, go sign up on Joyce's blog!

The weekend arrives and it's probably good I have a busy one so I don't sit at home sulking on the state of my social life. I'm heading out with Claire tomorrow and we haven't decided what we're doing but should be fun no matter what. She has decided to crash in on part of my birthday getaway in a couple of weeks. It's been so busy lately that I haven't even had time to plan anything other than the rental but I think it will be nice to just do things as I go and be leisurely about it. I seem to pack things too full if I think and plan so I'm not. The plan so far is wine tasting, hiking, visit the beach, stitching, tapas dinner and hitting the quirky coffee shop and delicious bakery as much as I can.

Saturday will be an urban hike with my new friend to show him Coit Tower, the murals, the view and the cottages inset into the Filbert Steps. I wonder if he'll think I'm weird if I take a ton of pictures. Who's the tourist...him or me?! Sunday, I have my choice of Comedy in the Park or a Scavenger Hunt. I think the Scavenger Hunt sounds like a ton of fun and am leaning towards doing that. I've been lazy about the gym this week but I think I will make up for it with these Sat/Sun plans.

Hope everyone has a fun weekend!

Until next time...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Dating Game

***Disclaimer: This post is Rated R. Content material: foul language, sexual topics and frustration exhibited towards opposite sex. If you're sensitive to that, hit the back button now. Thank you***

: Now, on the one hand, it is very difficult for a man to even speak to someone who looks like you. But, on the other hand, should that be your problem?
Sara: So life's kind of hard all around.
Hitch: Not if you pay attention. I mean, you're sending all the right signals - no earrings, heels under two inches, your hair is pulled back, you're wearing reading glasses with no book, drinking a Grey Goose martini, which means you had a hell of a week and a beer just wouldn't do it. And if that wasn't clear enough, there's always the "fuck off" sign that you have stamped on your forehead.

Have you seen the movie Hitch? That scene in the bar, where Sara is sitting alone, waiting for her friend, and some sleeze-bucket comes up to her and drops the stupidest line ever? Yea, I can relate. She is me and I am her. I don't really sit in bars by myself anymore because I see myself as a target. And I don't say that to have a big ego. I say that because the minute I walk into a bar alone and there is a group of guys on the hunt, I feel their eyes on me. I don't like it. I have mastered the "buzz off look" and I do have it stamped on my forehead.


Someone recently said that you never know what you're going to get or experience in online dating. I've been online dating since the inception of this little blog and let me tell you, that statement is so true. Sometimes I wonder why I keeping doing it. At times, it's fun, other times, frustrating and sometimes, even downright traumatizing. I feel like it's my only outlet to dating though seeing as I can't date within the workplace(not that I want to) and my pool of friends don't know any single, eligible men (which frustrates me to no end). I'm getting kind of tired of being the one with the interesting stories but not getting a good setup in exchange for them. Help me out a little here, 'k?!

In the beginning, online dating was exciting and fun. It slowly got old as I encountered married men pretending to be single. Guys in relationships whose girlfriends hacked their accounts and then emailed me to tell me the guy I was talking to is abusive. Guys who use 10 year old photos and let me tell you that those 10 years were not kind to their appearance. Lazy guys...and the list goes on. This doesn't mean that I don't meet nice guys...some who were boring or some where there was no "spark".

The past month or so has had me questioning why I've bothered, yet again. I know why I did but again...the frustration and feelings of being perpetually single settle in.

There have been a few wishy-washy, flaky guys. It's frustrating to spend time emailing with nothing coming of it. I'm not online to acquire countless penpals. I have a hard enough time staying caught up on emails with people I actually know.

I did meet a nice, but boring guy who I didn't feel any spark with. He recently went through this big production of telling me he hit it off with someone and was going to see where things went with her. I had to tell him I was spending time with him on the pretense of friends to begin with so he could do what he wanted but it'd be nice to continue to be friends. We go on urban hikes and the like. He's the type of guy I can be friends with because if I was actually dating him, he'd realize very quickly how sloth-like I can be. That's one of the problems of the elible men in my dating pool. They *all* like to hike, bike, run, swim, marathon, hanglide, parasail, ski, snowboard, hit the gym everyday, hit the clubs and dance all night. Then there's me whose into art, culture, food, film, urban hikes, yoga and other things that are visually or audibly stimulating. I need to find a guy who has an even mix of active and fun interests. But hey, I made a new friend out of the madness of online dating.

I started emailing and chatting with this guy who, friends, was drop dead gorgeous! At least his photos were. And his photos were a little too professional and meticulous and I was wondering if this guy was even real. He mentioned meeting and then retracted it? Ummm...what? Who does that? He painted on the side and so he talked a lot about painting and art and models. He was very direct and explicit about the models and women he liked. Classic face, rubanesque body. Big boobs, big bum, curvy. I fit that description and physique very well and he would bring it up all the time. I have the feeling he was waiting for me to offer to model for him. After the 5th+ time of his saying he liked big butts, I told him he was very direct and never heard from him again. Ha! Guys really hate hearing the truth. Frankly, I think he's a troll hiding behind a computer screen trying to get girls to come over and model nude for him because he looks f-in hot in his photos. The last thing I need is to model nude and have my photos get out to all the guys in my department. Um, hell no.
(Click to read the relevant caption)

A couple of days later, I received an email from a different guy who seemed a mess. Unemployed, no real direction and not even my type. He emailed me to say I had a classic beauty. It was a nice compliment so I replied to say thanks and that was it. A couple of days later, he sent me another message asking if I had any interest in partaking a lover from the site and went on to say he thought I was really beautiful and how he thought he could satisfy me. Ugh! Yea...really. I am not lying. There was a part of me that was disgusted and a part of me that was flattered but mostly, I was just grossed out. I replied in that manner and told him that the purpose of a dating site it to date and that there are sites out there specific to booty calls if that is what he wanted. Over the course of the month, this guy has emailed me to apologize, ask if I'd reconsider, told me he regretted that approach since he feels I am truly the real deal and a good catch, wished me the best of luck in my search while sending me an erotic short story he wrote of his imagined sexual encounter with me. Wonderful. I've managed to acquire another stalker. At least this guy doesn't know my real identity.

Then there was the guy who wanted to have a text relationship. I don't really like texting unless I am running late or need a quick answer on something. I definitely dislike flirting and guys making kissyface comments to me in text...before I've even met them. I am not going to reply in the same context either if I haven't met them because they can be one of those trolls with 10 year old pictures.!

And despite all the weirdness, I was brave enough to go on a real date with a different guy (not any of the ones above) and had a nice time on the first date. We met at a wine bar, had fun conversations and migrated to another place for cocktails and appetizers. Together, we seemed to have good energy. I had my reservations though because he was super alternative and into things I knew I wouldn't put up with for very long. Not to mention, after appetizers, we took a little walk and he was very forward. Kissyface, grab ass, flattering compliments about my assets. I had him walk me to my car and he asked me if I'd be his girlfriend! First date! I'm not committing to being anyone's girlfriend on the first date. Despite the forwardness and alternative lifestyle, I figured a second date couldn't hurt. It would help me make a decision. I had to explain that I wasn't going to go dancing or clubbing(his plan), that I was more interested in getting to know him and insinuated that he wasn't going to "score" on the second date. Well, the second date ended up being a therapy session. He's a widow and went on and on about his deceased wife (sad circumstances I understand but this is a date), talked about the various other dates he had had and how soon he had sex with them (as soon as second date) and the quality of it and then at the end of dinner asked me if we should split the bill. I decided to just be done with him and pay for the meal. He obviously just wanted to have a "girlfriend" to have regular sex with even though it was apparent he is not over or healed from the death of his wife three years ago.

After these various online dating experiences, I'm starting to feel like men only see me as a pretty face with generous boobs and ass. I get that guys like that. I have it. I don't like that feeling of guys thinking that "oh yea, I'd tap that" line when they see me. I am more that pretty looks, big boobs and a nice ass. And this is with me playing down my looks. I hide behind glasses and live in jeans, cargos and hoodies most of the time. I am smart and nerdy and fun and sarcastic and kind and genuine with a good sense of humor who can sometimes be a cranky ass and a little neurotic and yes, I happen to have a pretty face, big boobs and a nice ass. But most of all...I'm a genuine person who deserves to be respected and have men realize I'm a great catch. And I am. And I've had men realize and tell me that...oftentimes too late.

And before you all think I have my stuff hanging out for all the world to see on the internet, I have headshots and pretty routine photos where my stuff is covered. I'm wondering why I'm getting this sort of response to my profile when the photos are sedate.

I'm starting to feel like I will really be single forever. I know, I happens when you least expect it. Meh. Years ago, when I first tried online dating, they had these quizzes that would tell you the probability of meeting your match and I took the quiz. My probability was 7%. That is sad...and the older I get, the more I am starting to believe that is true. I am frustrated.

Even more frustrating is having your face on a damn dating site. Everywhere I go, I wonder why people look familiar. Later on, I realize it's because I've seen their picture on the damn dating site! All I want is to get the hell off the site. But I think that at this point, I'm just going to have to take myself off of it although my preference would be to come off the site because I met someone fabulous on it. I want to have this feeling...

And come away from it feeling giddy and excited and hopeful of the possibilities...instead of feeling like guys just want to feel up my junk.

And if anyone knows a nice, fun, cute, tall guy who has their act together in my area, let me know. It can't be worse than dating one of these guys on the damn dating site.

This post has probably freaked out my sister if she's reading this. I am not moving to Texas unless there's a nice Texan that will sweep me off my feet or come live in SF!

And you married guys/gals are lucky. And sorry if I offended any of my male readers by using generalizations despite them being true to my experience. I know all men aren't like that.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

No Pouting!

Well, I never really caught up on sleep this weekend so I'm feeling a little quiet and lethargic. I guess that's what happens when you stay in the city into the wee hours of the morning, have very little sleep (again!) and then eat a ginormous brunch of french toast, bacon and egg ( coma) and then walk an art festival in the sun for hours. By Sunday evening, I felt like a truck hit me. Thank goodness I had an extra day off because as it was, I spent the entire day in my pajamas watching NCIS episodes like it was the last tv show on earth and only ventured into the neighborhood to pick up lunch/dinner at 5pm since I never got my act together to go to the grocery store. I still haven't...I may starve to death in my apartment. Oh wait, I have an endless supply of popcorn. I'll be ok.

I did get a bit of stitching in though and finished the 6th rule and reached the halfway point on Christmas Rules. Yay!
Excuse the wrinkles. I don't iron until I'm completely done and I have this one all rolled up on an 8" qsnap.

I even got a little farther and am almost done with rule #7. I wonder if I can finish this in the next month or so.

I've been debating what to do with Drawn Thread's Almost Halloween. I haven't been very happy with it even though I am almost done. I followed the intructions despite my own hesitations and preference. The instructions call for using 1 strand of floss over 2 threads on 32 count. I can already hear the collective groaning. Exactly! The coverage is spindly and sparse and I am thinking of ripping it all out and starting over. I think it may just be the project to resurface on my little getaway at the end of the month. Something to work on on the deck or in front of the fireplace at night.

Hope everyone had a nice Labor day weekend! Tomorrow is Thursday, I can't believe it!

Until next time...

Saturday, September 03, 2011

August TUSAL

Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend so far and taking a break from laboring. I'm just doing a quick fly by post to share my August TUSAL. You can see that Christmas Rules has been my focus with those reds and greens towards the top.

This morning I woke up at 5am because I heard airbrakes and rumbling. May not be a huge concern to most but I knew that sound in an instant and knew there was trouble. I hurried to the front windows and saw my street was blocked and there was a fire truck, fire engine, Chief's vehicle and police cars. I knew that with only 2 "engines", it was something minor but still, my heart leapt in my throat and I hurried to get presentable (starting to think I should just sleep fully clothed with bra on from now on after the alarm issue and now this!) in case there really was a big fire in my building and I had to hurry down the fire escape. Luckily, it was just a pot fire down on the first floor but I seriously wonder if the other tenants in the building even had a clue! One of the downfalls to living in a beautiful old building like I do is that fire alarms and fire sprinklers are not required so we depend on individual smoke detectors. I basically live in a firetrap. Be sure to have smoke detectors and change out your batteries annually. A $25 smoke detector and single 9-volt battery may be the difference between life and death. I managed to fall asleep after with the windows open to air out the burnt toast smell that permeated the building after but let me tell you, I feel sluggish now and I am supposed to be up and smiley for plans in the city in a couple of hours. I think I will need a double espresso to perk up!

I have another post in the works about dating observations that I've been debating on sharing. It's not G-rated...because things in dating can get weird. And well, stitching is always G-rated.

Ok, I'm off to get ready for the city. Remember to check your smoke detectors, change the batteries, check your stove/oven/appliances after cooking, love one another and have a happy and safe holiday.

Until next time...