Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Lowdown

Ok, so I'm back from smoggy Southern California and back in my little land of Fog. If I could hug fog, I totally would. I was told that I may be put in the loony bin if I went running around San Francisco trying to hug the fog. I suppose that may be true but considering how many crazies are in San Francisco anyways, I'd probably be ignored and labeled a crazy. No biggie! SoCal was fun and AM posted on her blog here and here about our eating adventures. Sweet Jesus...did we eat! I think I'm still trying to digest over here...one week later! It was nice hanging out with AM and seeing where she lived...finally!

I then had to put fun on the back burner in exchange for business and went to my conference. I was happy to see that the ratio was more like 75% men and 25% women. I was worried I would be one in a handful of girls. It's interesting being at a conference that is more geared towards men. There are a lot of men, there is a ton of food (gah! more food?!?!), sitting in between two guys in a small conference room can be claustraphobic because they take up too much space and there is a ton of drinking going on...after the conference, of course. I managed to take away from the conference which is a plus. It's awful to go to one of these things and them be a complete waste. But after an entire week in Southern California, I was excited to be back home. I wanted my own bed and my own pillow and my laptop and to have the freedom to stitch, watch tv and email when I wanted. Oh, and I missed the fog.

My stitching time has seriously been monopolized and I will be working very hard this week and weekend to get my Halloween exchange and other bits finished so they can go to their new homes. Travelling, housesitting and dating will definitely put some time constraints on anyone's schedule. I'm not complaining much though since I am in *happy dating mode*. This means that I talk to and/or (usually both) email my guy everyday. One of my coworkers said that I sounded like a teenager but if that's the only way you can talk to someone you're interested in, you're willing to chat via phone for hours on end. But I better check my phone bill. I may have overextended on my minutes by now...uh-oh! So things with the guy continue to go well. But it will be even better when he is back on my coast...in 11 days! Yay!

My parents are *finally* (!!!!!) coming back home on Friday. Double yay!! They've been gone 4 months and as much as they drive me bonkers, I miss having them nearby. Plus, no offense or anything, I will be ecstatic to relinquish my housesitting duties. Sheesh...taking care of a house is hard work and I can barely take care of my apartment which is only about one quarter of the size of my parents house. Oh yes, daunting task!

In 8 days, I will be turning one year older. I hate celebrating my birthday because I've been often disappointed on a day that is supposed to be special. So my plan is to go to work and to go to my exercise class and pretend that it's any other day. I already know that my co-workers will throw me a breakfast party which usually means it'll be an *eat all fricking day* party. We know how to eat at work and everyone knows I will eat breakfast no matter what time of day it is. That'll be nice and make it worth being at work on my birthday. Hardly seemed worth taking the day off since it falls on a Wednesday. If it was closer to the weekend, I'd make a deal about it and gone for a little getaway. And I already know that my mom will call me and sing me happy birthday on the phone. But the best part about the whole birthday is that three days later, my guy moves back to SF for good. Belated birthday present in a way...

Blogging will woefully be scarce as I'm still trying to work on gifts and pieces I can't show to you guys yet and will be preoccupied with my parents' arrival and then the arrival of my guy.

Friday, September 12, 2008

We Interrupt Regular Programming...

Oh yea...awful blogger!

It has been a crazy, fun, wonderful week but I'm hesitant to give details for fear of jinxing. I will say that I met a fantastic guy whom I've hit it off with after an exchange of about 100 emails over the last 6 weeks. I have no idea what will happen, if things will work or if/when I will see him again but this is the happiest I've been about dating in the past year and a half.

Of course, my stitching has now suffered but I am only working on exchanges and other bits that I can't show now anyways. I do still need to share a snap of my May Snapper but I keep forgetting to take a picture during the daytime since the light quality is so much better.

I will be leaving today for SoCal to visit with my dear friend, AM. She's lived down there for what, six years and this is my first time visiting her. We have foodie visits, a movie, shopping and chatter planned. It'll be fun! That will be the prelude to a four-day business conference near the happiest place on earth, Disneyland! I am doubtful I will make the trip to the theme park but if the inner child in me starts to throw a tantrum fit, it'll be close enough for me to hop on the shuttle and walk around. I will be sans computer while away so there will be no blogging or catching up on bloggers in the next week. Looks like I have my work cut out for me when I return!

Have a wonderful weekend and start to the week!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Who's Got Time for Blogging?!

Ugh, I've been a terrible blogger. My last real post was over a week ago! I am in awe that time flies by as fast as it does. I don't have much to say really. After my progress and mailing of my QFRR, I decided to do a bit of selfish stitching so I started and finished my May Snapper and will take a picture soon to share. I just started my Halloween exchange piece last night so that will be my focus this week followed by other small bits. Of course, that means that I can't share pictures of the exchange or bits so this site will be photo stingy for a while. Bear with me you guys...I swear I've got cool and pretty things to share! Just not right now.

The Labor Day weekend was a semi-relaxing and semi-productive blur. Lots of relaxing, stitching, shopping, craft organization, housesitting and chores and a perfect North Beach excursion on one of the clearest days in San Francisco this year so far. And of course, on that day, I forgot my camera at home! Gah! How could I let that happen?! I should know that despite living in the city and traversing its streets, it doesn't always look the same. Those slight differences make a huge effect. And seeing the Golden Gate Bridge on one side and the Bay Bridge on the other without a single cloud in the sky definitely makes an impression. Clear blue, cloudless and fogless days in this city are rare and anyone who gets to experience it is a lucky person. Labor Day tourists sure had a great treat this weekend with the weather and stellar picture taking conditions.

Other than that...typical workweek fare. Work, errands, chores, appointments and exercise class. Hardly thrilling. I'm a tad bored. Hopefully something...or someone...will capture my attention soon.

Don't Call Me Princess

More observations from the Boys Club. It's hard working with guys sometimes. Other times, it's the best thing. I like being immersed in the Boys Club. I think it's better than working in an organization full of women. There are women in my office and sometimes, we step on each other's toes but for the most part, we're ok with each other. No major cattyness or soap opera drama. I can't imagine that being the case in an office with more than the 5 women that we have now.

The guys, they call me names...kid, kiddo, sweetheart, dear, darling, girl. I like those names. Maybe because I don't have a boyfriend so I need to get my fill of pet names from somewhere? Hmm....don't know. But yesterday, one of the guys, called me princess and I just about jumped out of my skin. I've never liked the term "princess". I am *not* a princess! I think I don't like it because I relate it to being spoiled and taken care of and that's not me. I've worked since I was 14, I take care of myself and I never ask for help or money unless I'm in complete dire need of it. So I am not a princess. Ick!

If I could find a boy that will call me *sunshine*, I'd smile for days and be over the moon. Why can't I meet that guy?!