Monday, April 26, 2010

Questions Answered...

In my last post, I mentioned how I had a nacatamale lunch with my parents. Here is a pretty good representation from the web so you can see what a nacatamale looks like. It's pretty big...a little bigger than 2x the size of a standard mexican tamale.

There's a good amount of masa, rice, pork, potato, onion, tomato, olives, raisins (yes, raisins), chili and mint. It's one of those "clean out your refrigerator and throw it in the pot" type of meals. It was delicious!! But due to the high amount of starch and carbs, I couldn't eat another thing for almost 24 hours. Stuffed!!

A couple of weeks back, I was organizing my stash cabinet and Jackie asked what my cabinet looked like. I love my cabinet but I wouldn't recommend it if you have a moth problem or anything since the drawers have these decorative holes. But, it works for me. Living in a one bedroom apartment, I don't have a lot of space to cater to my crafts. So there are some yarn bins and my stash cabinet which sit in part of my really huge closet.
I bought it at Target and it was basically a "build your own" type of shelving unit. I bought the standard 3 drawer (one small, 2 big) and bought another small and big drawer as my stash increased. A very nice co-worker, built me a platform on wheels to rest the shelves on and that way, I can roll it around the apartment to whatever spot I am working on a project. I usually only roll it around when I am doing major finishing...with pins and glue and clothespins and ribbon and stuff. Ugh...that's too much stuff to carry and potentially drop! That pile on top of the cabinet is stuff I still need to sort and organize...mainly dmc and silk.

I wasn't very productive with the stitching yesterday. I was lazy and watched bad tv, P.S. I Love You (how does anyone get through this movie without bawling buckets?!) and finally finished reading Julie and Julia. I sure hope I get a lot done during the week. We'll see how that goes...I am trying to get back to my almost daily ellipticaling. I hope I can do it!!

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

Until next time...

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Catching up & Questions...

Wow, what a week! How do the days fly by?!

*The boy* and I just got back from a lunch date with the parentals. Mom's been feeling lonely and I thought it would be nice if I picked up treats and shared with my folks. My dad and *the boy* chat and chat and chat and that gives me time to hang out with mom. I've been having major cravings for Nicaraguan food. I don't make any...because I don't cook...and I hate asking my mom to make me food since she's getting on in years and doesn't move around very well. She needs to rest...not busy herself in the kitchen making food for her spinster child and her boyfriend. No...not allowed! But I succumbed and decided to pick up some nacatamales. I did a little research, drove to the Mission, picked up some Nacatamales from an authentic Nicaraguan restaurant along with some yummy pieces of cake and arrived loaded down with food to my parents and had a nice lunch. And with my last bite, I realized I should have brought my camera to take photos so I could share what a nacatamale looks like!

Well, trust was good! And long overdue. I think I spent so much time talking about nacatamales and needing a fix that *the boy* found a tamale vendor at our local farmers' market last week and brought one home. I admonished him about how a nacatamale from a tamale stand can't be authentic and it couldn't be also not the way for him to try his first nacatamale. I was right. It was terrible!! So *the boy* had his first authentic nacatamale. He was finished before anyone else! I guess that means he liked it! lol Even my mom loved it!

That said...eating a nacatamale is the nicaraguan equivalent of eating half a pound of pasta. I need a nap!

The week's been a blur and I haven't been stitching very much because I've been trying to finish Julie & Julia which is now a week overdue to the library! Whoops...I've become a slow reader! I'm enjoying the book a lot...and have about 80 more pages to go!

I have managed to get a coulple of stitching finishes done but have to do the finish finishing on them which means I am procrastinating. With that, I've kitted up my next 2 projects. Letter C by Nora Corbett and Cinderella Sampler by Willow Hill Samplings. Here come my fabric questions:

1. Despite ironing both of these linen pieces to the point of getting an arm cramp from ironing, there are still creases! Any tricks to get the creases out?

2. Does anyone have any experience with Country Stitch linen? I was internet surfing (someone stop me please!) and found the perfect piece of linen for a someday Mirabilia. Of course, I found two pictures using the same color and they are both very different. I'm worried about ordering and getting a piece not like what I am expecting. I'm going to have to internet order directly from NZ (cheapest way) to obtain the fabric. Just want to know if anyone has any feedback with this supplier.

I'm hoping to get some stitching in this weekend...and I am so in the mood for a Mirabilia. I hope that working on Letter C is enough...that one is for a gift. But all I can think about is Fairy Moon, Waiting for Ships, Stargazer, Titania, Petal Fairy and Trick or Treat Fairy...all of them just clammoring to see the light of day. One day...I'll have a Mirabilia day!

But I am thinking this will help me get more stitching done.
I bought a new lamp for my stitching perch. I've been wanting an Ott-lite forever but I didn't want a white craft lamp since it would stick out like a sore thumb in my black-furnished living room. I've been looking online and I hated thinking I would have to order online and then have to return it and pay for the shipping if I didn't like it. It's kept me from buying a lamp for years. But my old lamp was really making it hard for me to see and I would keep every light on, blind *the boy* with the klieg lights (as he called them) and still have a hard time seeing despite it being as bright as an airport runway in my little living room! In my internet surfing, I discovered some Lowe's carry Ott-lites and after some calling, we drove to the one 30 minutes away and found this one. What's even better is that they had the price mismarked on the floor model and I got it for $25 cheaper than it should have cost.!! I am loving it so far and I can see perfectly with just this light on. It's awesome!

I hope to show a progress pic of my next start...once I get some creases out of linen!

Enjoy the weekend!

Until next time...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's my Party!

FogCity Dweller is...
Sit back, relax and join me in a piece of cake...mmmmm, cake!

I never thought when I started this blog 5 years ago...that many people would read it. It was a way to really chronicle my dating adventures...being a single girl in a crazy city and allow me to look back on it. And looking back on it...I was a crazy serial dater. Wow...seriously...I was nuts!

Now, there are more stitching stories than dating stories. You hear a lot about me, my city adventures and the ups and downs of my relationship with *the boy*. And *a lot* about stitching! I am thankful for the friendships that I have made through this little blog with folks from all around the world. Thank you to everyone for stopping by my little part of blogland and sharing in the good times and the bad. I can never feel lonely knowing I have so many friends and readers out there who care and offer me support. This was not what I thought the outcome of my blogging efforts would be but I am glad. I'm also happy to stumble upon new to me blogs and meet new readers. Please don't be shy to comment! I hope to make more friendships in the
blogging years to come.

I've got party favors to distribute! I'm a little delayed though...remember I said I would be late to my own party? Yea. I wanted to have things finished so I can show you what the party favors would be but uh, I'm late. On May 1st, I will do a draw for two party favor packages. The grand prize will be a stitched gift from me with a few goodies I'll come up with during stash diving. The runner up prize will be the pattern and remains of the kit I used to make the item for the grand prize plus other little goodies(no stitched gift). If you like surprises, you can sign up now by commenting on this post. Be sure you actually say you are signing up for party favors because I don't want to be guessing. You don't need to do anything posting on your blog. All I ask is that you become a follower if you aren't already and that you put your email in your comment if you don't have one in your profile. Easy Peasy!

For those who don't like surprises, I may put up a sneak peek over the weekend...provided I get my act together!

Thank you for celebrating me turning five! Who da thunk it?!

Until next time...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Super Quick feels like I am always late. I thought the new moon was yesterday but apparently it was the day before. No matter. I spent the majority of the day in a software demo that sucked the brain out of my head and on top of that, Aunt Flo came for a visit and I was tired, cranky and in need of a cocktail and the tv remote!

So, without further ado, I bring you my TUSAL progress. *The boy* took this photo...I think it's pretty nice with the flowers in the background.

It seems like my jar is growing rapidly. I don't really feel like I'm doing a lot of stitching seeing as I am constantly behind and late but the jar does seem to get more and more full. The big blob of red was from my sister's gift and the pinks and tans above that are from the PIF with some orange, black and white Boo Club threads thrown in for good measure. The little blob of teal and pink on top is for my upcoming blogiversary. I might be late to my own party but it's coming along.

This is "girl's weekend". I'm off to the city to do all the stuff I haven't done in a while. Nice dinners out, bar hop, mani/pedi, explore the, stay in a hotel and pretend I'm a tourist! Aunt Flo is kicking my ass though. AM, don't be surprised if I fall asleep in my margarita!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I'll be back with photos from the weekend plus, I hope you all stop in on my party. It's coming soon! Edgar is having a party soon sure to stop by and visit him!

Until next time...

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Early Bird...

gets the worm...

Saturday, *the boy* woke me up at 8am to begin our 100 mile trip around the Bay Area. 8am is pretty darn early for me on a really. Getting coffee on our way to the highway seemed like the biggest sugar, lids stuck together, than lids that wouldn't come off than spilling coffee all over my hand and the inside of the car. I was very tempted to just go back home and crawl back into bed but curiousity had the best of me. A few weeks ago, I was browsing on Craigslist and saw that Kooler Design Studio was having a clearance sale. SALE!! After much hemming and hawwing, I decided that if I didn't go, I'd be wondering if I missed out on something big. *The boy* decided to come along since he knew I'd be out of the house all day and it would eat up one of my two days off. So we began our little adventure and I had fun thrifting at the sale. I walked out of Kooler Design Studio with 5 fat quarters of Wichelt linen and yards of assorted lace...for $7.50. I practically ran out of there before they came to their senses and made me pay more money!

Here's my haul...
After that, we headed to NiaH because I just had to get a piece of linen for this new project I would like to start. I bought a piece of 40 count Lakeside Linens Meadow Rue and the Shepherd's Bush Blue Snowman kit(in photo above). Too bad that stuff wasn't on sale!

I also got some fun stuff in the mail recently. Here is Willow Hill Samplings Cinderella Sampler (the project the Meadow Rue is for) and Brittercup Bunnies Galore. Along with a couple of fabric cuts from Enchanted Fabric ordered before they went out of business. I really love the Summer Glade piece and envision a Mirabilia on day.

Sunday was a rainy, stormy, wet day. I was a slug! I didn't do anything except watch tv and stitch while *the boy* delivered my meals to me on the futon. Total and complete slug. But for my sluggish efforts, I managed to finish both "Eek" and "Creepy" on my L*K Boo Club. I'm halfway done now!! Woot!
I am really enjoying this only complaint is the boring and tedious border. This was my one week stint of selfish stitching. I am still behind on the gift and obligation stitching so I am back to that this week.

I spent this evening organizing my stash cabinet. Holy cow! I need to retire now so I can stitch all my stuff!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Until next time...

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Birthday Gift Arrived!

Wow...two posts right after one another. The Postal Service is working overtime getting my packages out in a timely manner!

First of all, my sister says thank you to all my blogging friends for wishing her a happy birthday! She was quite pleased! Thanks for taking the time to do that. I never realized how much she reads my blog now. Apparently, I am supposed to be posting more. I'm working on it Karen! =)

Second, my sister received her gift today. She dropped major hints a few months ago that I was way overdue in stitching her something. You have to remember that she was taught the same way I was (by mom) but with a full-time job, 2 kids and activities with kids' sports and church involvement, she's more content reading or napping when she has free time than trying to make heads or tails of a pattern. That's my job! She told me she wanted something red and cream and I immediately had something in mind. And with her 50th birthday quickly approaching, I had big reasons to stitch her something nice! A while back, I had seen a kit in The Stitchery called Bless This House by Kooler Design/Janlynn. I chucked the fabric (aida...ick!) and the thread and replaced it with Lambswool and Gloriana Cranberry. Deb finished it for me into a bellpull and she did a wonderful job considering the tight time constraints. Thanks Deb! Here's Deb's photo to me. It always seems like folks take much better pictures than me!

Remember all those red/cream sneakpeeks? This is what it turned out to be...

Here's my attempt:

I think I need photography lessons...

Karen called me today and was very happy with her present and even told me she already hung it on her wall. Yay! Hearing that made me very happy. I'm so glad it was a hit!

Ok, off to stitch on Boo Club a little more. I do more computer surfing (and cart clicking!) more than stitching nowadays. I already have enough stash to last me my I need more! I'm working on the Eek block and it's pretty simple. I'll probably finish tomorrow and get back to my gift programming.

Until next time...

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

PIF Arrived and a Birthday!

Wow...a post...with some actual stitching. Miracle of miracles! I finally set my mind to doing the finishing on my PIF pieces this weekend and I just received an email from Natasha letting me know it arrived and she loves it. Whew!! Here is what I sent her.

I stitched her the Ewe & Eye & Friends Basket Scissor Weight with the recommended DMC and Blackbird Designs Small Token with Crescent Colors and DMC. Both are on 32 count Lakeside Linens Vintage Light Exampler. I so love this linen!! And I figured that Natasha could always use a pair of good embroidery scissors so I threw those in.

Natasha, so sorry it was late!! I hope it was worth the wait! Funny thing is I stitched her something completely different in January. First, it was the silk I hated, I picked another silk and then I realized I hated the linen and that just made me hate the whole thing and I can't send anything that I hate! What sense does that make? So I tossed it and brainstormed and came out with this. I'm glad I did. The scissor weight and cording was a breeze but that pinpillow was challenging. It was the first time I made anything with fabric backing vs. linen. The first attempt at blindstitching wasn't that good. I could see that some crushed walnut filling might fall out so I had to go through it again and blind stitch closer together. So careful! lol I think I have to practice the fabric backing finish a few more times. Either way, I'm happy with the results. It was also my first time using fabric dye...for the pinpillow lace. It was super easy!

Nothing much else going on...same old stuff. I'll have another finish to share soon though so stay tuned.

Today is a super special's my sister's 50th birthday!! Happy birthday Karen! She checks in on my blog so if you can wish her a happy birthday, I'm sure she'll be both surprised and happy!

I've been blog giveaway stitching but I think I need to treat myself for a couple of days and pull out Boo Club. It's just so mindless and the colors are so cheerful. I think I could use it!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Holiday!

Until next time...