Thursday, February 27, 2014

IHSW Randomness

Hi Everyone!

I haven't done a randomness post in a while and my mind is such a jumble that I can't formulate full sentences. Oh look, I just did one. I'll keep this on the short side since life is terribly busy and I don't think I will be able to do a proper post with real progress for another three weeks. 
  • My parents decided to go back to Nicaragua in 12 days. There is a whole slew of things to do. I stress myself out just thinking about it. 
  • Besides being stressed; I'm partly relieved and partly sad. This will totally free up my time to work on personal projects like job search and apartment reorganization and redecorating, which is great. But I think that this will most likely be the last time my parents see their house and we will have the hard decision of figuring out what to do with it. That makes me teary to think about. 
  • I've been too tired and too lazy to do much stitching since I've been mostly vegging out in bed. My stitching set up is in the living room. So I've been winding a bunch of bobbins while watching tv and I am almost done!
  • Thanks for all the well wishes regarding my little health hiccup. I think it's fixed itself (after the dose of terrible hormones) but the doctor will let me know for sure in a couple of weeks. The stress is affecting me a lot I think. My skin is also acting up and I decided to try out acupuncture and herbs to see how that helps. 
  • I still keep socially busy so I feel exhausted most of the time. 
  • I bought new bedroom furniture! No more mix-matched dorm type furniture for me. It arrives in a month!
  • This lady played bumper cars with me on the freeway which resulted in minor cosmetic damage to my car. I feel like I had to "convince" her to pull over to exchange information which upset me more since she is the one who hit me which leaves me to report damage and field insurance calls for a week when I'm already stretched on patience and time.
  • I miss regular stitching and blogging more than you know. I know I need to find the time for it but I just feel like I can't concentrate enough.
Here's a view of the little stitching I've managed. Since the last time I showed A Very Fine Sampler, I've added some letters, numbers, two butterflies and started in on one of the many ginormous flowers. I think this middle section will take me a while to accomplish!

Also, Joysze of Random Ramblings and IHSW fame, recently started Lilac so I said that I should pull mine out so we can SAL together. Hey, a girl can hope and have high aspirations. Joyze has already surpassed me  (in one weekend...girl you stitch fast!) and will probably finish before me but that's ok. I pulled Lilac out and put her back on a scroll frame. That's an accomplishment! I even managed to put some new stitches in (the dark green ones) on Friday night before I fell asleep at 830p. 830p! On a Friday night! Since Friday was the only day allotted for IHSW, there were no more stitches. =(

I really need to find the time to sit in my stitching chair and work on her more. I really like how she looks finished. I think one of my deterrents has been the fabric. I usually use linen but this is a 32 count Lugana and boy are those holes tight! I'm assuming the fabric shrunk a little during the dyeing process. 

Well, that's all I have for today! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Much love and hugs...until next time. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I hope that everyone has a nice Valentine's Day and a great holiday (U.S.) weekend. I am planning on spending time with my Valentine and relaxing as much as possible with a little furniture browsing and maybe, possibly, some stitching thrown into the mix. The last couple of weeks have been hectic with the usual rigamarole. I hit a couple of rough spots where my only consolation has been Scandal and CSI:NY episodes while winding a million DMC skeins and drinking wine. I still have a million more DMC to wind. Why are they never-ending?! As I juggle a million things, the topper was having a lady play bumper cars with my poor little 4-wheeled baby. I'm so stretched on time and patience and now have one more thing to pile on my plate. So I'll relish in the weekend even more...three days off from work to do whatever I want! Happy <3 day="" p="">